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Lincoln’s Last Trial Lincoln’s Last Trial by Dan Abrams and David Fisher

"Dan Abrams and David Fisher write the heart-pounding pulse of history. Abraham Lincoln: the dusty shoes, the weary eyes, the Jedi mastery of a jury in a true case of life and death. So pull up a chair. This book not only brings a rare transcript to life, it makes you feel as if you are watching a live camera riveted on a courtroom more than 150 years ago."

Tooth and Nail Tooth and Nail by Linda D. Dahl

"Noise, blood and adrenalin, pressure, excitement and money-Tooth and Nail gives the reader a ringside seat alongside a young doctor as she treats injured boxers in a succession of brutal professional bouts. Linda Dahl is one of those rare writers who, like the fighters she cares for, has strength and style, grit and grace."

Tomorrow Tomorrow by Damian Dibben

"Ornate, vivid, deeply colored, and so precise I could smell and taste the world ... the story of a dog crossing continents and centuries in search of the man he loves is moving and tender. I was captivated by its charm from the beginning."

The Soul of a Thief The Soul of a Thief by Steven Hartov

"The Soul of a Thief is a war drama, a cat-and-mouse thriller and a coming-of-age love story, all wrapped into a terrific and compulsive read. Hartov offers a novel and human perspective of the German side of the Second World War through the eyes of one young reluctant recruit and the enigmatic colonel whom he admires, fears and, ultimately, plots to outwit."

Hangman Hangman by Jack Heath

"Jack Heath's Hangman is a perverse, twisted take on a crime novel-and I loved every page of it. What a rarity to find a thriller as dark as a Palahniuk and as compulsively readable as a Patterson. Two well-chewed thumbs up for Hangman."

The Innocent Wife The Innocent Wife by Amy Lloyd

"You can hear the ominous music from the first line onward-this is a fantastic thriller."

The One The One by John Marrs

"What if science found a way to change the dating and marriage scene by ensuring that couples were perfectly matched to each other through their DNA? ... Readers of thrillers and SF will enjoy this book."

The Black Painting The Black Painting by Neil Olson

"A riveting psychological thriller, a serious dissection of a dysfunctional family and an exploration of the power of art to change lives."

Exit Strategy Exit Strategy by Charlton Pettus

"Exit Strategy is a winner. A smart, fast-paced, expertly written thriller that rockets around the globe gathering speed all the way to its satisfying conclusion. Part Ludlum, part Crichton, part Coben, it's a grabber from page one and gives new meaning to the words: 'be careful what you wish for!"

The Trial and Execution of the Traitor George Washington The Trial and Execution of the Traitor George Washington by Charles Rosenberg

"Fresh, fun fiction that weaves some intriguing historical themes of what might have happened. This atypical escapade exudes all the right touches. A clever and imaginative tale."

The Emperor of Shoes The Emperor of Shoes by Spencer Wise

"There is a looking glass through which we'd usually rather not peer, one whose vista reveals the human, social and political costs paid overseas so that we can enjoy our low-cost lifestyle at home. When Spencer Wise, in his debut novel The Emperor of Shoes, directs our gaze, however, we see not only the dangers and exploitations of such a system, but also the hopes, dreams and delicate relationships that make it work and that must be risked if change is possible. Part love story, part father-son fable, part dark initiation, this powerful debut novel wonderfully brings into focus the ways we are all interconnected in a complex and global world."

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Editorial Team

Peter Joseph

Peter Joseph, Editorial Director

Prior to launching Hanover Square Press, Peter worked at Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin’s Press, most recently as Executive Editor, where he acquired and edited hardcover fiction and nonfiction for the Thomas Dunne Books imprint, as well as crime fiction for Minotaur Books and paperbacks for St. Martin’s Griffin and Macmillan’s Picador imprints. Over the years he has worked on books by such bestselling and award-winning authors as Peter Ackroyd, Richard A. Clarke, Dario Fo, Greg Graffin, Barbara Leaming, Robert Littell, Henry Marsh, Lisa Rogak, William Shatner, Wilbur Smith, Senator Robert C. Byrd, Senator Arlen Specter, and Senator Bernie Sanders.

John Glynn

John Glynn, Editor

John Glynn joined Hanover Square Press in 2017. Previously he worked at Scribner as an Associate Editor where he acquired and edited a diverse list of titles ranging from up-market commercial and literary fiction to narrative nonfiction, memoir, science, journalism, pop culture, and true crime. He has worked on numerous New York Times bestsellers including Murder in the Bayou, Shoe Dog, A Life in Parts, The Opposite of Loneliness, Working Stiff, The Promise of a Pencil, and ASAPScience, as well Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King and Owen King and Matthew Sullivan's Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore, a Barnes and Noble "Discover" pick. His authors have included National Book-Award winner Charles Johnson, baseball writer Bill James, Grammy nominated DJ A-Trak, Emmy and Golden Globe nominated screenwriter John Pielmeier and comedians Megan Amram and Isaac Oliver. His memoir Out East is forthcoming from Grand Central in May 2019.

Natalie Hallak

Natalie Hallak, Assistant Editor

Natalie Hallak is an Assistant Editor at Hanover Square Press and Park Row Books, where she supports the editorial directors on a broad range of commercial/literary fiction and nonfiction. In the past, she’s worked on books by bestselling authors such as Pam Jenoff, Mary Kubica, Kimberly Belle, and Jason Mott. Prior to joining Harlequin, Natalie developed her editorial skills at Touchstone, Putnam, and Writers House Literary Agency.

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